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Donald Trump In Prophecy: What Really Happened?

Originally posted on July 3, 2017

The world has been in a frenzy since Donald Trump won the White House. The left is consumed by its hatred of him, and the Media seems unable to cope with their own emotions over the election results. Even the far right has its share of anger over various Trump actions. Saying that a large segment of society does not like him is obvious. There is no way Donald Trump is in prophecy.

In contrast, quite a few people in the center right look at him as a messiah-like figure. To those people, nothing he does is wrong and any criticism is based on hate.

He is either hated in a rather demonically inspired way by people bent on his destruction, or loved and almost worshipped by others, leaving people in the center scratching our heads over what we see. 

What is it about him that is so polarizing? The hatred seems demonically inspired, but why are others so enamored by him?

He wasn’t supposed to win. When it came to the 2016 election that pit Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton, most people will say the same things: It was a fluke; That we need to remove the electoral college; That he was put there for a reason. It just depends on who you ask, but at the core, everyone agrees that he wasn’t supposed to win.

It is cliche to say that Donald Trump was chosen by God, but is there any potential truth behind that idea? Could Donald Trump actually be in prophecy?


Donald Trump used to be considered a friend by those who are now aiming for the demise of his presidency. As long as he was donating to their campaign, hosting their parties, standing around listening to their conversations, and didn’t  get in their way, those in power seemed to like him. Perhaps he knows more about them than they want him to know, especially since he is in office and opposed to their every action?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton - Debate 2016
Image from CNN

Of course, even Hillary seems to be in the same boat. Those in power wanted her there because she was on their side and could give them what they wanted. Now that she is out of power, they seem to have thrown her away. It seems the only time she is in the news is when she is talking about Donald Trump in a negative way. Media personalities happily trot her out when they need her. 

Future President

I remember watching as both of them made their first few speeches during their candidacies. In 2014/2015 most people could not fathom him winning the nomination, nonetheless the actual presidency. Hillary was the frontrunner from the moment she declared. The media lifted her up as America’s continued salvation and framed her as a successor to President Obama.

Major news outlets had round table discussions on the race, which was framed as good vs evil. “We NEED to elect Hillary to avoid the destruction of America.” It was constant, blatant shilling for her and against Donald Trump. People actually laughed about his campaign. 

Many of us sat there watching the race (probably in an undignified way) knowing he was going to win. Anyone not blinded to the actual state of America could tell he was going to win from his very first speech. 

For us, how he kept getting things thrown at him and what happened to those who hurled insults his way, reinforced our belief that he would win. 

  • Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz mocking Donald Trump dropped out of the race due to unfavorability.
  • Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a cheat and a liar was exposed, alongside the DNC, as corrupt.
  • Bernie Sanders said Trump was hiding something by not releasing his tax returns was placed under investigation for fraud.
  • The media criticized, lied, and fabricated stories about him, and now major outlets are teetering on the verge of collapse.
  • Tons of journalists have been fired for inaccuracies, fabricating protests, and outright lying about him.

It seems that someone is protecting Donald Trump at every move to make sure he can get something accomplished. Judging by what happened to everyone else, I would hate to be someone pushing the Russian narrative when that comes completely unraveled. Long after Donald Trump presidency is over and prophecy is fulfilled, it will all make sense. Obvious in Retrospect

Everything pointed to him winning. The size of his rallies in comparison to hers, enthusiasm about his running, even the prevalence of lawn signs. 

It all happened as it had to, and in a way that few can dispute as anything other than a supernatural intervention. 

Only those blinded to how society has been going believe that it was ‘Russians,’ or any of the other excuses thrown around. 

I heard one pastor say that his election occurred because of ‘righteous anger.’ He went on to say that if Trump had run 4 years earlier, he wouldn’t have won because we weren’t mad enough at the status quo.

Shock and Anger

The attacks intensified immediately after the election in an attempt to discredit Donald Trump and his presidency before it even began.

The left, globalists, and all of the umbrella groups are (rightfully) furious that he is erasing all of the progress they had ,ade towards bringing about a one world government. Over the past 8 (16, 24?) years, America had been degraded and nearly pulled under global control. Her people were seemingly conditioned to go along with it. 

They had lost they shot at complete control of humanity. At least for the moment

No one can honestly deny that there haven’t been tons of attempts to remove him since, or that he is undoing all of the work that Obama/Bush/Clinton/Bush had done. 

The American Bureaucracy (deep state), European leaders, Hollywood, Muslim groups, open border advocates, environmentalist groups, and even the Pope have united in their fight against Trump. His ‘America First’ policy threatens them.

Since Taking Office

Since Donald Trump has been president, he seems to have sped up long stalled aspects of Biblical prophecy while slowing down others. For example, President Trump’s administration seems to have put the brakes on globalist demands for world dominion. A world government is a requirement for some aspects of Bible prophecy. 

It is my honest belief if Hillary Clinton had become president, she would have pushed through the globalist ideas faster than the rest of the puzzle. A global government before its time would obviously leave large portions of Bible prophecy unfulfilled, making God into a liar, and voiding the entire promise held within his word. That is the entire goal of Satan, after all. If he can make God into a liar, than he cannot be held responsible for his own problems, and he would be let off the hook. 

Everything written in the Bible has to happen at the right time, and lots of other things weren’t quite ready. Slowing down the world government was necessary, and that is part of how Donald Trump plays a role in prophecy. 


With that in mind, let’s look at some of the things he has helped to speed up in one way or another since taking office, allowing them to play catch up:

American embassy in Jerusalem
Image from Jerusalem Post
  • Moved the American embassy to Jerusalem, removing the two-state solution from even being considered at the time. A divided Jerusalem isn’t supported in the Bible last I looked.
  • Israel and Saudi Arabia have formed an unlikely alliance, paving the way for SA to merely protest when Israel is invaded in Ezekiel 38.
  • Iran and Russia have been in Syria, just over the border with Israel for years, but now Turkey has been given a huge presence. Perfect Ezekiel 38 alignment. 
  • Donald Trump has proposed a ‘Deal of the Century’ that bills itself to be the only peace agreement needed between ‘Israel and Many Countries.’
  • Russia has been thrust to prominence, far higher than it ever was under President Obama. They are now a world leader again, capable of leading the Ezekiel war. 
  • World economies are collapsing, while the global economy is primed for a huge crash. This would help usher in a global currency, and people are crying for one.
  • America is divided far beyond anything we have seen since the Civil War, if ever. 
  • The US is pulling out of the Middle East. Trump recently said it was up to regional powers to figure it out. The US is no longer in play in the region, at least while he is president.
  • The left has been exposed for what it is. Hateful, spiteful ideologues who want to silence dissent, violently is necessary. Considering the right will more than likely collapse after the Rapture, this helps pave the way for mass scale persecution. 
  • Globalists have taken refuge in the environmentalist cause, pushing for population controls aimed at ‘saving the environment.’

The List Goes On

Donald Trump has sped up tons of things, while other things out of his control have also sped up. 

  • The Temple institute is ready to worship in a new temple once it is built.
  • Red foxes have walked along the temple mount wall and red heifers have been found in Israel. Both of these are necessary before the temple is rebuilt.
  • The far right has surged onto the world stage around the world, leading to far more instability. 
  • Israel is friends with most of Africa suddenly, with the exception of Libya and Sudan. Those two countries will join Iran/Russia/Turkey in attacking Israel, per Ezekiel 38. 
  • France elected a young, charismatic, inexperienced world leader, proving that people are hungry for change and tired of establishment. A few other countries have followed suit since. He also happens to be a globalist.
  • Israel feels safe and secure with him as president. The Bible talks about Israel being a safe place just before the Ezekiel war. Under the last few presidents, the country of Israel has never felt safer. 

If He Had Lost

This, also, isn’t an extensive list. Everything is lining up at a ‘ridiculous’ speed. Contrast that with what I see would have happened if Hillary Clinton had won:

  • Expanding the ties President Obama made with Iran, and away from Israel. This would have possibly pulled us into the Ezekiel 38 war, which we have no part in.
  • Giving America up to the UN, and expanding a globalist government before its time.
  • Destruction of American freedoms and rights, based on her own statements and the legacy of Obama that she was supposed to extend.
  • The agenda of the hidden powers would remain hidden. This is directly opposite the requirement that people know, and go along with, the actions of the Antichrist.

Once again, this is a very quick rundown of some of the things Hillary admittedly would have done. Had any of them come to fruition, prophecies would be exponentially postponed or outright voided. 

Crisis Averted?

America is strong, regardless of what the media says. If we were to be given another 4-6 years of Donald Trump’s presidency, America would tower over every country in the world. Our economy is booming, our military is rebuilding, and our moral fabric is slowly being rewoven (even if it will never be as strong as it was). 

A strong America cannot exist if we are going to eventually have a global government that controls the world. THIS is why politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and both Bush’s have done their best to weaken us. 

America is now out of the way in the Middle East. Russia is capable and free to build an alliance and invade Israel. The Shiite Muslim world is feeling emboldened. Anti-semitism is on the rise. Even the global population feels like something is going to happen, and soon. The status quo cannot continue. 

It wasn’t ‘her time’ after all

The Bible specifically mentions that there will be a (very small) handful of countries that will protest a move by the Iranian/Russian/Turkish invasion of Israel. Hillary’s platform stood in direct opposition of that one simple concept. If America is indeed one of the countries included in the list of protesters, you can see which platform better aligns. 

Her platform would have stalled out major prophecy fulfillment. While that may have been the goal of the enemy, Biblical prophecy isn’t a stoppable force.  

Donald Trump in Prophecy?

He is laying the framework for an agreement between Israel and the world, afterall, and the anti-Christ will enforce something similar. 

Donald Trump is also destroying quite a few economies without firing a single round or engaging in any kinetic warfare. The anti-Christ will do the same. 

President Trump is playing the role of benevolent benefactor to Israel as well. The anti-Christ will also appear to be a fantastic friend of Israel.

Am I saying that Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ? No. That isn’t for me to say, or us to know. He will be revealed after the rapture, or, at least after the Ezekiel war when the world is shocked, Islam is in tatters, and the global population wants an end to the status quo. 

Am I saying that he is somewhat paving the way, whether he knows it or not? Absolutely. 

People follow him for lots of reasons, and some of those people basically worship him. Many of the qualities he is displaying are the same ones that the anti-Christ will use when he comes along. 

Compare his traits to Hillary Clinton and her polished, boring facade. While she may have some of the other traits, she could not possibly be a forerunner in any sense of the word. While he isn’t named, Donald Trump most certainly is in prophecy.

What does the future hold?

If we are staring at a perfect alignment of the players in Ezekiel 38, a removal of America in the Middle East, and a perfect storm in the global economy, how long until we see another enormous stride in prophetic fulfillment?

The Bible talks about a few major prophecies in the end times, culminating with the return of Christ. 

Among those things are:

Third Jewish Temple model
Image from MyJewishLearning
  • The Rapture
  • The Ezekiel 38 war
  • An agreement between Israel and lots of countries
  • A rebuilt third Jewish temple
  • Global collapse, or at least economic and governmental replacement
  • Rise in anti-semitism
  • Intense Anti-christian rhetoric
  • Mass persecution
  • Introduction of a single man to rule the world

Donald Trump’s election LURCHED the prophetic clock hands forward, and in a way that allows it to be fulfilled exactly as written. 

I am in no way doubting that God can use who he wants for his purposes. He can. It just seems that Donald Trump was his man during this cycle and can be found in prophecy in one way or another.