Converged Lines

A Perfect Storm of Convergence


People today don’t pay attention to their immediate surroundings very well. Most people aren’t that observant. Others involved enough to know about things going on around the world that don’t directly affect them. As much as we try to claim otherwise, if it doesn’t affect us personally, we just don’t care. Truth is, there is a perfect storm of events lining up that will change humanity forever.

As a society, we have access to as much information as we want. News, history, weather, world events. It is all easily available to us on our phones, but rarely do we collectively wonder anymore. Instead, we choose to bury our faces in social media. 

Western society has seemingly lost our interpersonal communication skills. Our mobile devices take up all our attention. Most people choose to avoid conversations with family, friends, and strangers alike.

Most westerners spend our entire day in self created echo chambers that form bubbles of a self perceived reality. Americans, for the most part, have no idea of the massive changes the world is about to experience. We collectively don’t care.


Tons of people are screaming that something major is coming soon, but no one agrees on what that ‘something’ is. Some people say a massive political shift is coming. To others, a global climate catastrophe is on the verge of happening. Those in the Middle East are anxiously waiting for a major conflict that seems to be brewing. Socially, people seem on edge about major changes in how people interact daily. Religious, scientific, and political mindsets all have their own ideas, but rarely do those viewpoints come together. People can feel something brewing in the air, even if we can’t agree on what it is. 

Effects of climate change
Image from NASA

The loudest group comes from the climate lobby. Their catastrophic view of massive changes around the Earth is the loudest, and most unifying. Who isn’t concerned about an obviously deteriorating weather pattern that impacts us daily, after all?

Those with a political catastrophe mindset are the second loudest group around today. Societies around the globe are rising up against their leaders and governments. From Iran to China, and even here in the West, riots and protests are breaking out to change systems people are unhappy with.  

Unsurprisingly, those who see the almost ‘apocalyptic’ scenery around them through a religious lens are the least followed and most mocked group out there. This is especially true about the Christian worldview about the end times. 


For some reason, viewing the obvious political, climatological, and geological changes through a religious lens is laughable.   

The Bible talks about a time of huge global changes: political upheavals, geological changes, and climate issues. Is it really that far fetched?

It is undeniable that everything going on seems to be intertwined. Saying that each catastrophic worldview is completely separate is a mess of a worldview. ‘Thankfully,’ those who say that everything going on are somehow divorced from each other disappearing. 

Better, but it is still missing a major part of the picture. At least people are now starting to see how events intertwine and impact each other in various spheres of influence.

They seem to be blind to what’s going on behind the scenes, speeding up various aspects while slowing down other events, seemingly to force a convergence. 

Admittedly, until fairly recently I could understand that point of view. Not today, however. Everything points to a culmination of major events coming more rapidly than most admit. 

Notice how the climate lobby has recently changed their minds. speeding up their alarmism clocks, to say we only have a few months to ‘save the planet’. At the same time, a few dozen governments are undergoing massive demonstrations to remove seated leaders; the US is seemingly staring into an abyss; Israel can’t make up its mind for who is going to lead them. Societies around the world are crumbling, anti-semitism is rising, and unbiblical doctrines are taking root around the world.  

If someone came up to me ago, claiming time was nearly up, I would have laughed at them. Especially if they used the Bible as their evidence. Not today, though. There are far too many signs from the Bible happening today to deny that the word of God is true. 

Christian Climate

Cool Thing to Do

Mocking Christians, and Christianity as a whole, seems to be the theme of 2019. It seems quite odd, to me, that it is only Christianity being made fun of, as well. Every other religion is somehow protected from ridicule. 

A message aimed at humiliating Christianity can be found everywhere you turn today. Some are pretty obvious. TV shows and movies regularly make any ‘Christian’ characters into a caricature. Often, they are portrayed as idiotic and out of touch with the world, if any are even included.

Social media is full of people who somehow find a way to either deny God, reject His existence, or insult those who believe in Him. Worst of all, they find a way to fit any overarching subject into a reason to post ungodly comments.   

Even walking around in public you hear people, religious or not, using either ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ in an insulting way. 

Everywhere you turn, there is some sort of anti-christian message. Christians are persecuted, tortured and killed around the globe, daily, for our beliefs. No one is speaking up for us., though The secular world wants to silence Christianity, removing any aspect of it from society. 

That is to be expected, though. The Bible says the world will hate Christians because our faith doesn’t make sense to them. They are ‘supposed’ to mock us, attack us, and even kill us if they have the chance. The enemy blinds the world to the truth, and they are unable to see through the charade, according to the Bible.  

Their own disbelief and mockery of our faith unknowingly fulfills a few passages and prophecies written in the Bible, such as 2 Peter 3:4, without even knowing they are. 

Surprising Ally

Christianity is in shambles, but the church as a whole sure isn’t helping. 

The total number of people going to church on any given Sunday is plummeting, just as prophesied. Of those that identify as Christian today, an incredibly small amount believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven. A similarly small number of professing Christians don’t read their Bible regularly, leading to a loss of sound Biblical doctrine, and a growing acceptance of unbiblical ideology among Christians. 

Image from Tom Talks

The church openly accepts sin today. By no means is any Christian is perfect. The Church is a place for the lost to find their way; for the (spiritually) sick to find healing. No church should actively exclude people from coming (unless they are a danger). No church should actively endorse sinful behavior, either. Today, churches are embracing all sorts of unbiblical ideologies in an effort to fill the seats. The majority of churches today have become the church of Pergamum, as referenced in Revelation. 

Embracing everything from the prosperity gospel to homosexuality, and even adultery in some cases, these churches are very worldly in their viewpoint. They present a gospel that is exactly like world with extra steps. Often times, those very congregations will take the side of the world over those they are supposedly aligned with through Christ. Those churches are the primary reason that the number of professing Christians is plummeting in the west.   


Another Revelation church is making its name known around the world today. The Laodicean church was known for being ‘lukewarm’ in its beliefs about Christ. While they professed to know Him, they didn’t necessarily allow Christ to change their hearts. God says, in the book of Revelation, that he will ‘spit them out of his mouth’ because they refused to neither burn hot or cold, with regard to how they feel about Him.

While some members may, indeed, believe that Christ is the way, this church as a whole doesn’t necessarily embrace that view in totality. This behavior leads to an acceptance of unbiblical, confusing ideologies. Sadly, their beliefs have become mainstream. 

Some denominations actively preach that the events of the end times are allegory or metaphoric. In their eyes this is the best it gets. “End times events aren’t meant to be taken literally. We are living and ruling with Christ,” according to their ‘Kingdom Now’ doctrine. If this is the millennium, I do not want anything to do with it.

Others preach that the events in Revelation, Daniel, and a few other places took place in 70 AD when Rome sacked Jerusalem. They believe that the world will exist, as is, forever; that Christ will never return. In their eyes, God is apparently too weak to come down and fix this mess. This, too, sounds like a terrible theology and does not serve any god I want to know.

Still, others mix those beliefs, proclaiming that you can live how you want, that God is never going to come down and physically manifest himself. How on Earth can anyone say that those beliefs are Christian is beyond me.  

Most of the church seems to be falling away from Christianity, just as predicted by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. 


One group in particular is actively pushing doctrines and ideals that will manifest throughout the tribulation: The Catholic Church. 

Pope Francis praying with the Grand Mufti
Image from The Guardian

It is no secret that the Catholic church has always wanted to be the end-all-be-all for Christianity. The Catholic hierarchical loathing for the protestant movement has been well documented throughout the ages. Their insistence to be the sole authority for all matters of life in the middle ages is equally well known. That spirit is alive and well today. 

Through the Pope, the Catholic Church is pushing heavily towards ecumenicalism (‘we all worship the same god’). We see the Catholic Church not only trying to bring the protestant denominations back under their wings, but also reaching out to other groups and bring them into the fold as well.

Pope Francis has made headwinds with Islamic leaders, Coptic Christians, the churches listed above, and other religious groups. He has put out joint statements of interfaith cooperation and solidarity. For the first time in recorded history, one religious group is actively making progress in uniting all the world’s faiths.

The pope has gaining the attention of secular folks as well; world leaders, atheists, and academics who are otherwise anti-religious (anti-Christian). They see him as a unifying force. While they don’t agree with theology, they agree with human unity, and want him to succeed. 

People are seemingly willing to overlook the systemic sexual abuse in the Catholic church and his recent declaration that Jesus never physically resurrected, as long as Pope Francis is actively pushing against Donald Trump and preaching climate change. It appears as though the one world religion is on the verge of emerging. 

But wait. There’s more! A one world religion, a major falling away, and anti-christian bigotry aren’t the only things happening today in alignment of prophecy.

In the beginning…

Those of us who believe in a young Earth believe that the world was completely balanced at one point. There is nothing shocking at that statement, other than that it goes against strongly held beliefs in an Earth that is 4.5b years old. It is, in fact, very similar to nearly every other creation belief found around the world that has ever existed. The Greeks, Romans, and even Native American and asian cultures talked about a time when god or gods created the world, building a perfectly balanced environment for humanity to exist. 

At that point in time, earthquakes, wars, famines, droughts, and death didn’t exist. The world was truly perfect. That is, until something happened along the way, changing everything into a violent, degrading world.

In Christianity, everything in the universe shifted the day that the serpent convinced Eve to eat off of the forbidden tree. Adam followed suit and the Earth was cursed. Violence came into the world, thriving alongside the sin that brought it in.

Things began to break down, death became a part of life, thorns emerged, food was hard to find, and existence became hard. Animals, plants, and humans were thrust into a violent world, suddenly. 

The planet itself began to visibly deteriorate over time. Small volcanoes, localized flooding, and even small earthquakes began to happen. 

During Noah’s flood, the tectonic plates began to break up, and the climate became cyclical instead of globally steady year round. Rain, snow, and hail started to fall around the world thanks to the new hydrological system. Earthquakes and volcanoes became rampant in the after years as the Earth started to settle, thanks to tectonic shifting. 

Most strikingly, species started to go extinct because they couldn’t adapt to the new environment. 

Natural Law

The Bible’s account is perfectly in line with the second law of thermodynamics. In a perfectly balanced system, order won’t descend into chaos. If an outside force makes a change, that balance is thrown off, and entropy (lack of order) continues to increase exponentially. It cannot decrease, or reverse back into order. 

The world was held in perfect balance until God cursed it. That event removed a perfect balance, and now we see things breaking down at a compounding rate. 

In the same way that organic materials disintegrate after death and buildings deteriorate, DNA itself, the instructions for life, seems to be breaking down. 

Our DNA is a language, full of genetic expressions passed on from generation to generation. In an evolutionary model we should be seeing tons of positive mutations, leading to the next step in humanity’s progress. A ton of genetic information should be added to our genome each generation, building useful functions in our bodies to help us adapt to a changing world.  It isn’t gaining much of anything useful, though.

What do we see in reality? Mutations that are passed on from generation to generation, leading to genetic weaknesses, and higher rates of cancers or other diseases. Those mutations, along with isolated gene pools or chemical exposures, or have in turn led to a loss of genetic variations and information, not more. 

Darwinism, and all of the theories spun from it, serves to fulfill yet another Bible prophecy. In 2 Timothy 4 we read about a time when people will discard common sense and truths for fables, myths, and other things they want to hear. When people don’t care for the truth and make up their own, things go bad very quickly. That is exactly what we see with all of the other origin hypotheses.

Spiraling Out of Control

Ever spin a top? At first, it appears incredibly stable. There is a minor wobble, but it stays upright for a little bit. The more it slows down, the more it wobbles. Eventually, the top can’t maintain itself,and falls down.

A wobbling top. A wobbling Earth.
Image from Futurism

Now, apply that to idea everything we see. The universe was created in perfection. There was no wobble, no death, no decay. Everything was stable.

When Adam and Eve broke the single rule they had to follow and God cursed creation, things started to change. Outwardly, plants grew thorns and animals became just as violent as people, but inwardly things and forces that couldn’t be seen or felt were starting to move. That was when the top started to wobble.

Today, thousands of years later, that top is wobbling pretty hard. Earthquakes are happening in places they never have and at a frequency we have not seen before. The climate has been swinging around from hot to cold throughout history. Various species are dying off around the world, and we can’t even figure out why in some cases.  

The Bible alludes to unprecedented weather events at the end of the age, just before He restores the world to perfection. Enormous hailstones and a blistering sun as well as mass animal die offs are listed alongside wars, famines, and disease. Looking around the world, those prophecies (Hosea 4, Mark 13, etc.) seem close to becoming a reality, if not nearly fulfilled at this point. The calamities listed in the Bible are the same disasters the climate lobby has been screaming about for the past hundred or so years. 

Humanity is likewise spinning out of control. Violence is prevalent, governments are being challenged, and vibrant cultures are folding into one large cultural stew.


Next up, Let’s think about the astounding corruption in the world today and compare it to what the Bible says about the conditions towards the end. In Matthew 24, we Jesus describing some signs of what will happen just before He comes back. To paraphrase Jesus, “Many people will stop loving each other, and lawlessness will become the norm.”

It doesn’t take a genius to see that all world governments have been corrupted. People are protesting their governments around the world, saying that those governing bodies no longer represent them. Legislators, Presidents, and Monarchies are all being accused of taking illegal actions against their populations, protecting their own members, or covering for criminal actions their allies have participated in. Iranian people are rioting in the streets. Lebanese people are overthrowing their government. African governments are protested. People are voting out entire European governments. Americans are trying to oust the president. It’s a global movement. 

In America, for instance, people know that politicians don’t care about the law. People to the right and to the left both agree that those in power don’t care, and are abusing their power. Sadly, people on both sides seem willing to overlook the illegal activities on their side, as long as those on the other are caught. To most people, breaking the law is a means to an end, if it means regaining power and removing the opposition. 

Not Just the Powerful

Corruption has filtered down to the overall population over time. It isn’t always ‘illegal,’ either. Companies and private individuals have engaged in tons of questionable or immoral activities, often without being held accountable. 

Today’s normal is that rich folks, governments, and certain classes of people are never held accountable for their actions while the poor and specified groups are held to higher standards. Lawless is a worldwide epidemic.

In the US, for example, the ‘illegal’ part of illegal immigration is glossed over by those on the left. Those on the right seem more than willing to ignore blatant Unconstitutionality in favor of ‘seeking out terrorists’ with the Patriot Act. 

Large corporations aren’t immune, either. Google worked with China to create a censored search engine, tech giants have been found to record your every word without repercussion, and bio-engineering companies regularly push the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable. 

A defined Generation

The Bible lists another huge marker for the end time: The emergence of a generation of people spelled out in detail. These people are described in II Timothy 3, and it sounds very familiar to what we see daily:

“But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.”

Timothy lists the characteristics of these people as being self centered and violent. When they emerge, they will care more about themselves, their appearance, and their personal successes than about those around them. People have always had a tendency for violence and greed, but have we ever seen it at the levels we have in these past few decades?

This passage never fails to remind me of those videos from people who whip out their phones to record people drowning, rather than helping to save them, even if they could. Apparently, getting a video of someone dying is better, socially, than being a hero to someone.  

In other places, we see corporations actively suing small farmers over uncontrollable acts, ruining those farmers livelihoods (lovers of money); Inner city violence is at absurd levels (brutal); and a steady increase in shootings in public places has happened since the 1970s or so (unforgiving and brutal).

But, Why?

Systemic changes often come from those we idolize. Powerful have used their platform to change society for millennia. Whatever we place on the proverbial pedestal becomes our guiding influence. For most people, Hollywood and music labels have been put up as their guiding influence for decades. 

The entire entertainment industry is aimed at personal happiness, pride, or self expression. Rarely does the industry put out any content that is has any messages about telling people to be good to each other, rejecting violence, or the value of forgiveness. Stories about pride, drug usage, and violence are rampant in some genres. Narratives about adultery, the hook up culture and its effects on people, or those who go out on massive strings of violence fueled revenge are the norm, even in some kids franchises. The hero’s of today’s storylines are often quite flawed, morally. Don’t even start looking into the symbolism rampant in Hollywood, unless you have a strong stomach.

It is ironic that most of the time, there is a reference to god somewhere in those same stories or songs. Rappers routinely point to god for their successes, while talking about drug usage and violence, for example. Others are framed as godly people pushed into extreme circumstances. In lots of cases, is almost like the narrative is to undermine religious people by portraying us as unstable, uneducated, or backwards.

Granted, parents should be a greater influence on their children, but what if parents are impacted as well? Children grow up thinking that their actions are acceptable, eventually reaching into the political and entertainment industries themselves to continue the spiral. 

People in the world have apparently lost our collective minds.

Geopolitical issues


“Then He spoke to them a parable: “Look at the fig tree, and all the trees. When they are already budding, you see and know for yourselves that summer is now near. So you also, when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near.” Matthew 24:29-31

Ask nearly any Bible scholar and they will tell you that the major sign of the end times in the re-emergence of Israel as a nation. From the fig tree references in the Bible to the story of dry bones, the Bible makes it clear that Israel will exist as a country during the last days of the age.

Israel hadn’t existed as a country after the Roman’s destroyed the nation and spread the Jews around their empire sometime around 70 AD, until recently. Very few Jews even stayed in the area after that event. Arabs moved in eventually. The land seemed to have died to the point that it was considered inhospitable for the most part, however.

In 1948, almost 2000 years after the Roman conquest and Jewish dispersion, world powers designated the land of Israel as a homeland for Jewish people who had just had to endure the holocaust. No other country in history has reclaimed its ancient homeland after such a long time. 

Dead Land

The Bible talks about how the land of Israel would be barren until the Jews returned. Mark Twain wrote about visiting the land that would become modern Israel in the 1800s. He describes in his book ‘The Innocents Abroad’ his experiences with the area as he traveled it. The land was dead to the point he says he didn’t see a single bush, tree, or person for miles. In fact, he says that even the plants that should thrive in desert environments, such as cacti, were hard to find.

70+ years after Israel was reborn, the land is alive. Agriculture is bloomining, water is available, and the land seems to have literally come back to life. That tiny sliver of land slightly bigger than the size of New Jersey has become an oasis in an area surrounded by deserts, and full of people who want to destroy them. 

The land has allowed their military to become a powerhouse, becoming one of the top 10 most powerful in the world. Not only are they a military powerhouse, Israeli industries have provided huge amounts of scientific and technological advancements, and their political presence seems to be central to the world’s focus. Just as the Bible says they would be.

Seemingly most important, from a global standpoint, Israel has oil, and lots of it. They have found some of the biggest reserves in the region, catching the eye of friendly and not so friendly countries because of it. 

Third Temple

A third Jewish temple is built in the Book of Revelation, and the Jews bring back the sacrificial services that were stopped in 70AD, when Rome sacked Jerusalem.

Third Temple Model
Image from AZJewishPost

In Israel today, there is an organization that has rebuilt all of the necessary temple furniture, recast the necessary ceremonial tools, and has even recreated all of the required outfits for temple worship. The institute also has a workable set of blueprints and to-scale models of a new temple complex. 

Most importantly, however, is that they are training an entire group of men that have been traced to the tribe of Levi for worshipping in a new temple. 

Some Jews are demanding a new temple to be built. Experts estimate that a new temple that mirrors Solomon’s own building project could be built within 6 months, with all of the plans built and materials standing by. 

No Jewish temple would be complete without properly consecrating it. The Bible prescribes Red Heifers as a necessity to purify a temple. They are incredibly rare, however. Recently, Jews have found a few incredibly rare red heifers that could be used during any consecration ceremony, provided they remain completely red as they age.  

 It looks like they just need permission and a building site. 


The United States has been heavily involved in foreign conflicts, including the Middle East and Syria. President Trump has pulled the US from major roles in most of those countries, leaving other countries to deal with the mess for the most part. With that pullout, the US has basically left the Middle East in any meaningful way.

Additionally, Donald Trump recently said that the US would not get involved in any conflicts where there was no clear benefit for the US. If there were any doubt before, the US is now irrelevant in any Middle East conflicts at the moment. 

With the US being the leader of any alliance that would take any action in the area, this also means that anyone in that alliance would also be a non-player.

To drive this point home, Prime Minister Netanyahu recently said that Israel cannot count on anyone else to come help them in the event of any conflicts. Israel is currently standing alone on the world stage while her enemies are gathering just across their border to the north.

The US is also currently undergoing major internal problems. Half of the country wants President Trump to stay in office, while the other half is bent on his removal. The division in America, and the investigations both sides are doing on the other, is causing the country to focus inward. America is distracted, getting pulled in a dozen directions at once. It seems that division will continue to grow until either side somehow wins. 


While Russia isn’t listed by its current name, they are listed by their ancient name and what the ancient Hebrews would have called them. 

Russia today is struggling financially. Their economy is crumbling. American sanctions and low gas prices are strangling them. They need a way to get a cash infusion, and fast. 

A few years ago they entered the Syrian civil war, hoping to take over the oil fields and leverage them for sanctions relief. 

The US happened to get to the Syrian gas fields first, taking them back from ISIS. Today, the Russians are angry that they aren’t making any money back from the Syrian war, while her young men are coming home in bags. 

Although the US is seemingly pulling back its support abroad, including within the Syrian war, they are staying in the oil fields to keep the Russians from getting them. Russia, however, is dumping more personnel and armament into the country by the day.  

The Bible talks about a group of nations that will attack Israel to ‘take a spoil’ in the end times. That nation will be led by a country ‘from the far north.’ 

Meanwhile, Israel, just across the Syrian border, not only has tons of oil and material wealth, but they also keep hitting Russia’s allies, and their Russian built weapons systems, embarrassing Russia in the process.   


Iran has always hated Israel. They haven’t had the power, capacity, or alliance to do so since their days as Persia, though. They haven’t had the power to directly challenge Israel on the battlefield. Instead, they have used proxy forces to unsuccessfully dislodge the Israeli government. 

President Obama lifted sanctions on Iran while he was in office; giving them a cash flow that propped up their economy and allowed them to build up their military. They also used it to prop up their proxies in Yemen and Lebanon. 

Since President Trump has been in office, however, Iran has seen sanctions put back in place; causing their economy to collapse. Their people are starting to rise up against the government in widespread protests. 

Lebanon’s government (An Iranian proxy) has fallen apart in the past few weeks, removing them from any potential war with Israel.

Yemen’s civil war between the government and the Houthi rebels also took a beating recently with a rough draft peace agreement. Iraq and the few other countries with Iranian influence are also suffering major setbacks for the Iranian government. Suddenly, most of Iran’s major proxies are off the table, leaving Iran to fight its own wars.

The Syrian civil war gave Iran a corridor into a country that borders Israel; allowing them direct, land access to place their own troops and hardware right onto the border with Israel. 

Donald Trump cut off direct Iranian access when he pulled out of Northern Syria, allowing Turkey to take over the area. Suddenly, Iran was cut off from direct access to Syria while their economy is in free fall.

They are broke and facing severe challenges at home. Iran is desperate for relief and backed into a corner.


Turkey is an interesting case study. The area of modern day Turkey has been known by lots of names; going by the Ottoman empire in the early 1900s, Anatolia before that, and the Eastern Roman Empire a thousand plus years ago. The seven churches listed in Revelation were literally located in the western part of modern day Turkey. The Turkish people can be traced back to the ‘House of Togarmah’ found in the Genesis 10 table of nations.

Turkey is involved in the Syrian civil war today, as are Iran and Russia. Unlike those two, however, Turkey is currently a NATO member. Turkey was a behaved member enjoying the benefits of being allied with the US and other powerful countries, until fairly recently. Their current president, President Erdogen, is determined to rebuild the Ottoman empire, restore the Turkish people to their former empiric glory, and call himself the sultan. 

NATO doesn’t see Turkey’s President Erdogen as a good guy. President Erdogen is not a fan of the US, either, and his country is being isolated by the alliance for his actions around the region. 

In the past few years, Turkey has chosen to align itself with the Russians operating in the same area, going against what the rest of NATO members stand for. American protests and a cancellation of military hardware purchases by the Turkish government have met President Erdogen’s every action.  

The harder Turkey pushes for their goals, the further the country is isolated within NATO. The further they are isolated, the more President Erdogen embraces Russia. Turkey is destined to become a Russian ally out of spite, it seems.  

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has switched its tune in the past few years. A country so well known for terrorism and anti-semitism has changed it’s course. Starting as a secret, Saudi Arabia engaged in a quasi alliance with Israel during the late years of the Obama administration to combat the influence of their mutual enemy, Iran, thanks to the Iranian incursion into Syria.

Saudi Arabia went from a major enemy of Israel to somewhat openly in support of the Jewish state thanks to Iranian expansion and Obama administration actions. The Saudi government is, itself, stretched pretty thing, however. They are preoccupied with Iranian proxies to their south in Yemen. 

They lack any meaningful ability to help Israel militarily, or combat Iran directly, though. The Saudi government has its hands tied with various other security initiatives. While they are somewhat openly allied with Israel against their mutual enemy, they cannot do much else but criticize the Iranian government. 

Where is it leading?

Syria and Damascus

Syria is a mess, undergoing a civil war since 2011. Initially starting around the same time as the Arab spring, it has become a bloodbath. In the past 8 years, millions of people have died, terrorist groups have created havens for themselves inside the country, and a large portion of the world’s powers have found their way into the country. 

Syrian War Damage
Image from Worldbank

Syria’s government was holding out pretty well in the war for a few years until ISIS sprung up within the country. The group quickly threw off the balance of power and took over a huge part of Northern Syria. 

The government couldn’t fight every group that had rebelled, and they lost most of Syria. At one point, the Syrian government held less than a third of the land that makes up Syria, stuck in a small area around the capital. Rebels groups and ISIS held the rest. 

Foreign powers had involved themselves in the civil war long before ISIS grew into a threat. Today, almost a decade later, the list of countries involved is enormous. 

President Trump recently announced that the US would begin to pull out of the region. He is, for now, staying to protect the oil fields in Syria in northern Syria, while Russia, Turkey, Iran, and the rest fight over the remnants of the country.

Ezekiel 38

The Prophet Ezekiel talks about a major war against Israel that will take place sometime in the future, drawn in for economic reasons.

Turkey, Iran, Russia Summit
Image from Forbes

The countries involved are listed by their ancient names, and can be identified as Russia (Gog), Iran, and Turkey; with a few others playing supporting roles.

Just a few years ago this prophecy wasn’t even close to fulfillment. The Syrian civil war has brought the three countries into the general vicinity of Israel. The war has been pushed to the verge of fulfillment in the past few years; especially since Donald Trump has been in office.

President Obama worked to bring Iran and Russia back onto the world stage. He also allowed Turkey to get away with lots of things that stood against NATO principles. 

President Trump has pushed Russia and Iran back into isolation, forcing Turkey to make a choice about where they stand. The three countries have been pushed so far into isolation, that they seem to be forming an alliance. 


All of their economies are in free fall due to American sanctions, with two of them near bankruptcy and the third well on its way. Iran has its economic issues compounded by losing its proxy elements around the world. A loss of funding, and popular uprisings in countries such as Lebanon, have all but removed their proxies.

With those three countries economies crashing and no easy access to the gas field in Syria, they are searching for some kind of way to save face.

Golden Opportunity

Israel, just on the other side of the border, is incredibly wealthy. They recently cut into the remaining Russian gas exports to Europe through Cyprus, further angering Russia. Additionally, they have been bombing Iranian targets just across the border in Syria, leading to intense frustration from the Iranians and their ally, Russia. Turkey has never had great ties with Israel, claiming they are on stolen land, taking the Palestinian side. 

Israel seems to be just as divided as nearly every other country on Earth, however. While they are militarily and economically a powerhouse, they are politically weak at the moment and don’t have a functioning government, and others have taken notice.


Ezekiel doesn’t just talk about Russia, Iran, and Turkey, however. It also mentions a few African countries.

“Persia (Iran), Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet: 6 Gomer (Southern Russia), and all his bands; the house of Togarmah (Turkey) of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.”

This portion of the prophecy is possibly one of the most telling parts of the passage. Russia, Iran, and Turkey can all be chalked up to a coincidence considering the civil war they are all participating in. If we see non-participating countries aligning with them, that has to mean something, right?

Libya is entangled in their own civil war. It has been since the Obama administration’s support of the removal of Muammar Gadhafi. Various countries have been involved in that war over the past 5-10 years, each trying to bring an end to it by installing their own governments. Russia is currently fighting a war in Libya as well, because President Putin wants a share of their oil. Thanks to Russian support, at this point, Libya is a proxy government. 

In Biblical times, Ethiopia encompassed the land of Cush, or modern day Sudan. Sudan is another country that has been going through a major civil war, this time for decades. The country is bankrupt and suffering. They have lots of oil, though, and Russia is there for it.

Their friendship is growing, with the two signing a military agreement earlier this year to allow Russian ships to dock in the other country. That agreement may also pave the way for a Russian port on the Red Sea.

Simply Protesting

A few countries who will not be directly involved in the Ezekiel war are mentioned in the Biblical account. While the Bible doesn’t say whether they stay out of the conflict voluntarily or involuntarily, it does say that they remain vocal critics of the invasion of force. Ezekiel 38:13:

13 Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?”

These countries are referred to by the names they had at the time the account was written down. “Sheba and Dedan” is easily pinpointed as being modern day Saudi Arabia by studying the Bible alongside historical documents, .

Who exactly “Tarshish and the young Lions thereof” isn’t as cut and dry. Lots of Christians believe that this is a reference to the UK (Tarshish) and the countries they colonized (US, Australia, NZ, etc.). Others think it could include western Europe. The idea is based on the ancient Phoenician trade routes that Ezekiel would have probably known about. While we don’t know exactly who they are based on a reading of the text, the guess seems pretty solid. 

Look at where those countries are right now in regards to Israel. The US is definitely the strongest supporter of Israel in the world today.

All of those countries are also allies with Saudi Arabia today. Saudi Arabia also happens to be an open supporter of Israel today, finalizing the set of critics that will protest the invasion. 

The entire scenario is seemingly set up right in front of our eyes, but the world cannot, or will not, see it. 

What Does it all mean?

The world has been spiraling into chaos since humanity fell. From a human perspective, everything is falling apart, from society to the climate, and everything in between.

One thing that isn’t changing is God and His word. While the human mindset is fluid, He doesn’t change. What he said was wrong 4000BC is still wrong today. What He said would happen in the future 2000 years ago is going to happen, regardless of human attempts to change the course of those events.  

The final major signs in the Bible are not only converging, they are speeding up. The wobble is going strong, and each day we have clearer signs of the end of the age.

The Middle East is on the verge of another major war, seemingly held back by some unseen force. The climate is changing rapidly. Humanity seems to be on its way to a major struggle. Even secular people know the status quo cannot continue. How much longer can things remain as they are?  

We are watching a story that was written down over thousands of years play out in front of our eyes.

Sudden Departure

The Bible talks about the sudden disappearance of millions of believers (known as the rapture), regardless of what you have heard. The rapture is part of a recurring theme found in the pages of scripture: God saving his people from upcoming judgement:

  • Noah and his family were saved from the flood by the Ark.
  • Sodom and Gomorrah weren’t destroyed until Lot and his family had escaped to the mountains.

The idea is reinforced in a few places where God took home His followers when there was no imminent threat to their lives; seemingly for no other reason than that He just wanted to. Elijah and Enoch were both taken up to heaven. Additionally, John was brought up to heaven temporarily to see future events; allowing him to write those events down for us to read 2000 years later. 

The Jewish wedding is a perfect image of how God has planned the rapture. In Jewish tradition, the bride lives at home, while the groom goes and builds a place for her to live after they are married. One day, the groom shows up out of the blue and takes her to the wedding, unannounced. Just before he gets there, his ‘best man’ blows a trumpet so the bride would know he was coming, and wouldn’t be completely unprepared. 

Jesus came down from heaven to spread the message and begin His church (the betrothal). When he was crucified, He ‘purchased’ His church (dowry). In John 14, Jesus talks about building a place for His followers, promising that He will come back to take us with Him. Paul says, in 1 Corinthians 15, that we will be taken home at the last trumpet. The book of Revelation talks about the wedding supper, and the ‘Bride of Jesus’ (the Church). 

False Prophet

The rapture will happen suddenly and unannounced. People will vanish around the world, leaving others struggling to understand what happened. The world will be thrown into global chaos. Civil distress will be everywhere, conflicts will start, and the world will be searching for a way to stop the violence, and understand what just happened.

A man known as the false prophet will emerge as a leader that will help to shepherd the world towards the next phase of world events. He will be a religious leader who grows to such prominence and power that he can sway the opinion of the world. 

The Bible says that this man will be able to perform miracles like those found in the Bible, such as calling down fire from heaven.

The false prophet will be a beacon of hope to a world thrown into chaos following the departure of so many people, ripped apart by unfettered violence and societal breakdown. The world will want to follow him because of his ability to perform miracles. 

This figures most important role and visible sign will be bringing some sort of image to life. The entire world will be mesmerized, wanting to follow the image, and the man it represents, into the abyss. 

Man of Sin

The former prime minister of Belgium once said:

“We do not want another committee, we have too many already.  What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all people, and to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and be he god or devil, we will receive him.”

The world is ready. It is looking for someone to take that position, but we haven’t been through enough, collectively, to give all the world’s shared power to one man. After the rapture, while the world is full of chaos, seeking answers, and an end to the violence, it will accept a man as the face of the world. He will govern with an iron fist, killing off dissenters and Christians alike. He will, however, be good at what he does, causing the world’s economy to flourish. This man will cause entire kingdoms to fall into line without resorting to violence, using nothing but ‘peaceful’ means, and uniting the world under his kingdom.  

The Bible describes his administration as lasting 3.5 years, imitating Christ’s Earthly ministry. This man will preside over the bloodiest and most dangerous period of human history ever know. At least two thirds of humanity will die due to natural disasters, disease, human executions, and other events. This man, known in the Bible as the antichrist, will be unlike any other world leader, changing society irrevocably during his short reign. The antichrist will be so powerful, especially when the false prophet is by his side, that even atheists will worship him as god. 

Global Government and a Global Currency

When the Antichrist comes into power, he will institute a common currency meant to be used around the globe. This currency will require full submission to a world government, primarily the man in charge of it. In fact, without the required mark that comes along with enrollment in the system, you won’t be able to buy or sell. At all. You will effectively be shut out of the system; and out of society. Considering the chaos that society will be going through, and the current calls for a replacement of the dollar as the global reserve currency, this proposal will be accepted easily.

Being shut out of society isn’t the worst part of rejecting the system, however. Anyone who rejects the system will be systematically hunted down, imprisoned, probably tortured, and more than likely executed. That is, if they don’t take the mark and submit to the antichrist’s power.  

A global currency system will be one part of the global government formed in the wake of the rapture as a way to rebuild human society. Combining a global currency with the world religion the false prophet will build (and we see the shadows of today), sets up a world system in a way that forces enrollment.

A Perfect Storm Is All Around Us

I watched the Japanese Tsunami on a TV in the break room at work in 2011. I was reminded of just how fast life can change, and how powerful natural forces really are, while watching the waves come inland. The people fleeing for their lives was terrifying. That series of events was a perfect storm of events in Japan.

I watched the events happen in real time and something popped to life in my spirit. It was telling me that the world was on the verge of massive changes, and to keep an eye out. Something seems to have changed that day, not only in the physical world, but in the spiritual world as well.  A perfect storm is lining up. Can you see it?

As time has gone on, there have been far more prophetic fulfillments than I could possibly write about in one piece, even as long as this is. Little things here and there have pointed to and folded into bigger picture events. Quite a few major events written about two thousand years ago or more are seemingly on the verge of fulfillment today.

I can honestly see why some people don’t believe. The entire idea of God is a hard subject to understand, nonetheless accept, in today’s world. I promise you the answers are there, written in the Bible. You cannot accept any one person’s words, though. Go look for yourself. Compare what the Bible says against today’s headlines. Go check out Daniel, Revelation, Isaiah, Matthew, or even Hosea and see how well the events match. If reading the words yourself don’t move you, they don’t move you. At least you read the words yourself, and weren’t relying on others to make a choice.