Wave crashing into a city - society being destroyed

Situational Awareness and Society

This dream happened sometime around 2011-2012.

This entire vision was very short, probably lasting only 2-3 minutes. Once again, however, it seemed to have far more significance than *just* another dream. The details in this and some of the other dreams I have had were all too vivid and memorable to even be close to be considered a ‘normal’ dream, such as this one and this one.

It focused mainly on how society isn’t aware of just how fragile it is and how easily it can crumble. People today have no situational awareness in their daily lives, forget on a global scale. We are the most connected generation in recorded history, but even with all of that technology people choose to be ignorant of the world as a whole. The comfortable bubbles people surround themselves in remove the potential that they know what is actually happening or where society is headed.

Beauty Abounds

I found myself in a hotel, standing on a balcony, on what seemed to be about the 5-6th floor. The railing I was leaning on was made of iron. The rest of the balcony was ivory colored, coarse, with waist high walls on either side, white tile, and a large glass doorway. There was a small iron table and two chairs on the right side of the balcony.

The weather was warm and breezy. Beautiful blue skies with a few clouds were overhead, and the temperature was probably about 75 degrees. Palm trees blew in the breeze below while potted tropical plants seemed to be everywhere.

Looking around at the hotel and surrounding buildings, the architecture looked fairly Mediterranean with columns and wide archways. I knew I was somewhere in the US, or at least North America. The location seemed to be either in Florida or on a Caribbean island, based on the people, architecture, and atmosphere.

Hotel in the Dominican Republic
Hotel in the Dominican Republic

The hotel wasn’t very big, maybe 8-10 floors total, standing in a very densely populated tropical area with the shoreline in view. My balcony was facing the street, towards the hotel on the other side of the narrow walking path. Looking to the left I could see the ocean clearly. This hotel was 2 or 3 buildings from the beach. The road below was cobblestone, about 20 feet wide, and filled with street side vendors and outdoors cafes.

Thriving, Happy People

I looked down and people were on the streets walking around, driving, buying, selling, eating. You know, the normal tourist trap stuff for a tropical beach location. Laughter and conversation was everywhere and everyone was happy.

In short, it seemed perfect. A gorgeous day, beautiful architecture, and happy people all around.

People were so fixated on what they were doing at that moment that they had absolutely no situational awareness about what was going on in the ocean. I don’t recall seeing anyone on the beach, actually. Everyone was here, in the built up area, enjoying what people had built.


I watched as a giant wave came into the street, crashing down the street out of nowhere and over the people below. They had no situational awareness and didn’t even see it coming towards them. People continued to do what they were doing, even as the wave was crashing on others around them. Those eating kept on eating, people looking at vendor carts kept comparing prices, and those walking down the roads with their significant others, hand in hand, kept doting around until the waves crashed into them. It’s like they were blind to what was going on around them, which in itself is significant for today’s world.

Giant wave crashing over NYC
Image from Business Insider

Everyone and everything below was washed away. The water kept pouring into the street but avoiding any of the side alleys. It stayed solely on the main pathway. Water kept rising higher and higher but somehow I felt safe. The people in the alleyways could touch the water without being overcome by it, but they were sad. They knew they were safe, but they were distraught.


The water kept rising until it was most of the way up the floor below me. After it reached that height, it stayed there. I saw other people on balconies up and down the road standing outside watching as well. All around me I heard glass breaking, buildings cringing, and people crying. A few other buildings succumbed to the water and collapsed, the people inside crying and terrified as they fell one by one. It was heartbreaking. The building I was in was sturdy, however. No crackling or crying seemed to be coming from it.

Overtaking Brightness

The sky was growing brighter and brighter, so I looked up. Covering my eyes as best as I could, the light got brighter and brighter until it drowned out everything around me.

That was the end of the dream.

Symbolism Everywhere

Anyone who has been around churches for awhile can attest to the significance of water in Christianity. We can also attest to the significance of people being swallowed by not only those seas, but raging seas, circumstantial and spiritual blindness, willful ignorance and lack of societal situational awareness, and a bunch of other themes that are woven through this dream.

This dream felt like a depiction of the spiritual storm that is showing signs of life even as you read this to me. In the end, there will a storm that overcomes the world and people won’t even see it coming unless we are looking for it.

No one expected a flood when Noah was building his boat; I imagine people were surprised when that first drop of rain hit them in the forehead one day. Same for Lot and his city. Everyone woke up that day expecting the city to stand for generations to come. By night time they were all reduced to nothing.

God uses imperfection, for perfection

I have never been formally trained in Christianity; not ordained as pastor; not even a high ranking person within a church. The extent of my human given responsibilities within the church is passing the collection plates a few Sundays a month. I fail daily, but I know that I am not perfect, and like Paul, I consider myself to be the worst of the worst.

I have no doubt in my mind that the days written in Revelation are hitting us full speed and people today cannot see it. Whether they are willingly ignorant of that or spiritually blind, I do not know.

A prophetic storm is brewing and sometimes I feel like only a few of us are noticing, much less sounding the alarm. Situational awareness is not a trait most people today possess. I suppose that is what the Bible means when it says that Jesus wonders if he will even find faith on the Earth or that the day of the Lord will hit like a thief in the night. If you are too consumed with day-to-day life, don’t actually believe the Bible to be completely trustworthy, or stuck on unbiblical doctrines, how will you see the signs?