Big Wave in the Ocean

Hiding Just Below the Surface

This particular dream is interesting for many reasons, least of which is that I can still remember the exact day and time I had it. It occurred Thursday, September 7, 2017 around 5:30-6:00 am. While not quite as detailed or long as the other dreams that I have had, it was equally startling.

To me, it felt like North America was undergoing some sort of judgement. The continuing theme of water rushing over and destroying all visible civilization while a few select people were sparedwas present.

Like the Bible says, seek out an answer to know if it is truthfully from Christ. Maybe this was just for me, maybe it was meant to be shared. Either way, here it is.


The dream began on a flat area in central northern Mexico near the US border. The ground was flat and hard, consisting of nothing but sand. The sun was overwhelmingly bright overhead with only a few small trees and bushes sprinkled around. Mountains were in the far distance, but too far to run to. Not a cloud was in the sky, and the area was quiet. Really, quiet. It was true wilderness. The only sounds were from people in the gathered group talking among themselves in whispers. A nervousness was in the air.

There was a large mix of people present, some of which I knew had fled from the US. Florida was decimated, and the entire US Gulf Coast and shoreline from Texas to North Carolina was gone. Most of the coastline was underwater. The country seemed to be under some sort of judgement. Everything in the areas that had been hit was gone. The country was dying in every sense of the word. Naturally, economically, morally, and socially. Every place it had relied on to survive had been destroyed by an overwhelming force.


Everyone in this area was hanging out. They all seemed to be waiting, nervously, for something. No one strayed too far from their individual personal submarines, which they seem to have assembled in the large cleared area. A large fleet of these crafts dotted the area. Overall, the group seemed small in comparison to the area.

Neyk Submarine
Image from Neyk

They were not big subs. All of them looked like tiny one person tubes people had built on stilts, right there in the cleared area. Each submarine looked a torpedo; long and thin with a boxed propeller at the end. They were not uniformly made, and each had slight variations in design somewhat similar to the design in the picture from Neyk, but smaller and unpainted. Each craft had a window in the front where people could look out from inside. These crafts were very small. People had to lay down in them. The hatches were on the rear, near the bottom, with a set of makeshift stairs leading to them.

I imagine they looked how Noah’s Ark must have looked, in the sense of water crafts sitting in the middle of a desert area when there was no expectation of a flood.

Overwhelming Rage

The ground rumbled and everyone quickly got in their submarines. “That was a very large earthquake!” I thought to myself.

I watched everyone scramble into their personal tubes. Up the stairs and in they crawled, with the hatches closing quickly behind them. Once everyone was in their own sub, I got into mine.

From my window I saw water suddenly rush into the area. The waves crashed over the mountains in the distance. The mountains looked like hills next to these waves. It was a desert miles from the ocean, so water shouldn’t have been there but there it was. Racing towards us at what seemed like hundreds of miles an hour with overwhelming power. It came from both, east and west in huge waves, flanking our tiny fleet and rushing in like two sides heading to battle. The waves were at least 10-15 feet high in either direction, but they didn’t seem to have any debris in them.

Everyone’s sub was quickly knocked off of their stilts and submerged, to float along just below the surface until the waves subsided.

I looked out my window, but wasn’t in the water any more. Instead, I was looking down from very high up. Everything except a tiny sliver in the middle of Mexico had been hit by the waves, destroying the country and North America as a whole. Most of the continent was underwater. Every area that wasn’t underwater was smoking and destroyed, reminiscent of pictures from Japan after Little Boy fell on Nagasaki.


I woke up for the day about an hour and half later. An 8.1 earthquake had occurred in Mexico while I was asleep that I learned about when I looked at the news.

Perhaps this dream meant nothing at all, but it felt like the US had undergone some sort of judgement. With the seas being such a prevalent part of the dream and considering Biblical references of them, I can’t help but wonder what was being said here.

What is being said?

I feel like there were multiple dimensions to this vision.

Looking at the country today, the coasts are incredibly anti-God while the interior of the country still retains a semblance of fearing God and portraying a certain righteousness about it (even though that is falling quickly, as well). I find it striking that the northern and coastal areas outside the Gulf and southern states were destroyed, the more God fearing areas had faced a far more intense judgement. Northern areas had some areas left smoldering, but absolutely nothing was left in the southern areas from Texas to the Carolinas.

Perhaps the waves symbolize both, the violent anti-God ‘wave’ overcoming the US as a whole as well as a judgement from God. Perhaps the anti-God wave is itself a judgement. Look at what it is doing to the once, most prosperous, God presenting country in the world.

Violence is rampant, drug use is out of control, life is under attack (in and out of the womb), and every lifestyle people have come up with is forcibly being accepted, leaving a trail of destruction behind it.

Reality Doesn’t Quite Match… yet.

If you read any of the books of the Bible pertaining to the end times, you will see that the US is suspiciously absent. If all of the signs pointing to the return of Christ are so obviously in front of us, how do we explain the lack of the US in prophecy?

People can say, “well, obviously it isn’t there. It was written before America was a country.” Well, that’s true. However, the Bible was written to be centric to Israel, not America. It refers to areas known to the Hebrews at the time by their at-the-time names. Iran = Persia, for example. It makes vague references to the ‘Young Lions of Tarshish,’ for example, as well as the Scythians who came from the far north (probably what is today Russia).

I honestly do not see any other way to move past specific events in prophecy while the US is still a powerhouse country. I grew up here, I love it, and I want to see it made right again, but, for right or wrong, the US is a roadblock to world government. At least while the current administration is in power.

To me, this dream is about destruction of America, with a message of hope hidden in plain sight.

  • A) A removal of all of God’s people who are anxiously looking for him;
  • B) Allowing the anti-God crowd to take it over and;
  • C) A remnant of his people surviving the destruction in order to evangelize during the subsequent period.

This fits into the end times timeline because once the rapture happens, the anti-God crowd will be able to do whatever they see fit. There will, of course, be believers left on Earth at that time who will suffer at the hands of the anti-God crowd. For a period of time, they would have to exist just below the surface of society, emerging only once it is the right time.

Final Thoughts

Maybe those in this dream who survived the initial waves are those people, existing just below the fury of the waves until they subsided, crawling out of their subs, and praising God for bringing them through. Seems an awful lot like Noah’s Ark, to me.

Destroyed City

Finally, if you subscribe to the ‘America is Babylon’ theory, you will know that whatever land is being spoken about is utterly and completely destroyed, leaving the world’s marketplaces crying at the loss of their sales. This idea speaks to the multiple dimensions of this dream. All of the cities were violently destroyed by raging waves, leaving nothing to buy or sell. Once again, this fits into the current geopolitical atmosphere because America is the largest marketplace in the world. Nearly every country on Earth sells here and those that don’t are equally influenced by it. The current tariffs and sanctions being thrown around on other countries show just how widespread our impact is. If we were to suddenly disappear as a country, who would they sell to? Of course, that is looking at the world pre-rapture and pre-judgement.

My commentary doesn’t mean much, though. God speaks to people how he wants. Nothing impacts everyone the same way. Search the scriptures for truth.