• "It is said that it takes only twenty-one days to form a habit. If this is true, imagine what three hundred and sixty-five days of concentrated effort would do. Suppose every husband made a commitment to invest or re-invest one entire year in his marriage, and for each day of that year to do just one meaningful thing that would make his wife happy. Do you know what would happen? Our marriages would be restored, refreshed and revolutionized!" - Aleathea Dupree, Cheer Up Your Wife

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  • Empowering men to be the best husbands they can be is one of the goals of the Cheer Up Your Wife book. The challenge is to get a copy of the book into the hands of men who need it, want it and will put it to work. Join us in meeting the challenge of giving as many men as possible a complimentary copy of the Cheer Up Your Wife book.

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  • A SMILE A DAY KEEPS DIVORCE AWAY! We are compiling ideas that we can add to our 365 Ways To Make Your Wife Smile list that can be shared with men who want to be intentional about doing something each day to cheer up their wives. We would love your input.  

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Are you holding a grudge against your spouse without even knowing it?

Readers Say

  • Great book! CAN'T put it down!!! Learning SO much. Praying I DON'T make the same mistakes twice!!! :) I just wanna thank u 4 writing this book. I have read MANY marriage books & must say I have ALREADY learned more from your book in FOUR chapters than I have in ANY other book. I'm STRONGLY considering buying all the men in my church a copy. - Darrell Roberts

  • Every husband and husband to be who is serious about having a healthy, happy and Godly marriage should read this book. You will receive great insight on the good thing that God has given and entrusted you with. You will profit greatly from this book. This book is marriage changing! - Gladys Farmer

  • This book contains loads of wisdom for the "newly wed and the nearly dead,"  but I found it also is a wealth of knowledge for those whose relationships are doing well. It never hurts to have a better, healthier and more sound marriage. This book is also for those who are single and will help avoid a lot of the pitfalls married couples can face. If you haven't read it, I STRONGLY advise you read it as soon as you can. I've personally read it several times and it has more than blessed me! - Marcus Carmon, Playwright

  • Just finished reading your book. I wish all husbands would get a copy. Great reading! - Keith Mark, Philadelphia, PA

  • One of the best lifetime investments a woman can give to her mate. Only 104 pages, also available on kindle. Very easy to comprehend. Highly recommended! - Mary Mark

  • Cheer Up Your Wife: A DIY Biblical Guide is good advice for singles too. Aleathea Dupree gives some keys to success in cultivating a core foundation of roles in marriage. Learn and get insight before marriage so that you can have a great marriage. - Shavondra Davis

  • A great book from an anointed woman and Minister of God who practices what she preaches! Aleathea's posts, prayers and words of encouragement are always inspirational! AND she lives these biblical principles in her own blessed marriage. Min. Dupree sets an example for others through real-time application. - T. Huff

  • Aleathea Dupree is an amazing woman of God and a woman of integrity, power, boldness, and compassion. You will NOT be disappointed when you read this book. - Ty Fisher

  • THIS WOMAN CHANGED MY LIFE! I too can attest to her anointed pen and the transformation that takes place as a result. LOVE HER! - Vikki Johnson, BET

  • Aleathea Dupree is a gift to the kingdom. Her book is filled with the simple, practical, anointed, wise, encouraging, inspirational counsel and teaching that are characteristic of her God-given ministry. Read it in your singleness and preparation, and keep it in your library, so that you can apply it when you walk into God's Divine Design with your future spouse! - Chrystal Armstrong, Author

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"Men and women are both created in God's image: we each carry different characteristics of His personality. A man tends to want praise: he wants to hear words that applaud his accomplishments as a man. Whereas a woman desires worship: she wants to hear words that extol who she is as a woman." ― Aleathea Dupree, Cheer Up Your Wife